Preorder Bread

I’m Kobi, I handcraft sourdough bread loaves bursting with flavor, a tangy aroma and a satisfyingly chewy texture.

Please note: Bread must be perorderd in advance and is NOT ALWAYS AVAILABLE. Pickup is in Cleveland Heights, and cash or crypto are currently accepted.


FREE Starter!

My sourdough starter is a living thing – giving away part of it is just sharing life with someone inspired to create. I’m happy to share this blessing! Just come on over with a jar and get some starter. Pickup in Cleveland Heights, please message me beforehand to check availability.




Preorder Required: To ensure the bread availability, please preorder my artisan sourdough bread at least 48 hours in advance.

Sourdough closeup


Kobi’s Sourdough Classes

Ready to bake crusty, delicious sourdough bread with your friends or for an event? Round up your sourdough squad (6+ required) for a fun and interactive workshop where you’ll dive into the art of sourdough from scratch. Learn my techniques and secrets, Get your hands dirty, bake, shape, and savor delicious sourdough creations – all under my guidance.

Over 4-6 enjoyable hours, learn everything from feeding your starter to shaping perfect bread loaves. Go home with newfound confidence, delicious creations to share, and lasting memories with your loved ones.

workshop for 6 – $1,200 additional @ $100 per person.

I make traditional Artisan sourdough bread, as part of my artistic expression.

I started experimenting with sourdough baking in the middle of 2019 and then COVID happened and I got into it doing the lock-downs.

Over time I learned to feel the process, yet still it feels like every batch of bread has a life of its own.